Christmas Wonderland 2016 Family Portrait Session

December 2, 2016

Christmas has always been the best season for family portrait.  This year we held a few events with our friends, one being a Winter Wanderland which is a charity function for minority families, and another one is with Rumple and Friends doing a superb Christmas theme party for kids.  This event is called Christmas Wonderland, kids would first join us to make a wishlist card sending to North Pole to father Santa.  After that they got to meet Santa himself for some fun and beautiful Christmas Family Photo !


Christmas Portrait Setup


I particularly love the backdrop, look at the warm sunlight, go so well with the whole theme!


The Crews


Christmas Photo with Napping Family 🙂


Definitely the youngest in our event

Such a Lovely Christmas Family Photo

Can I Use the Christmas Wonderland 2016 Family Portrait Session Ideas for My Own Christmas Family Portrait?

Looking to capture the festive spirit in your Christmas family portrait? Look no further than the Christmas Wonderland 2016 Family Portrait Session Ideas. These ideas offer a plethora of inspiration, from cozy winter outfits to innovative props, ensuring your festive Christmas photo ideas come to life. So go ahead, embrace the magic and create a memorable family portrait that will be cherished for years to come.


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