Family Portrait at Garden Thumbnail
Family Portrait at Garden Thumbnail
Family Portrait at Garden Thumbnail
Family Portrait at Garden Thumbnail
Family Portrait at Garden Thumbnail
Family Portrait at Garden Thumbnail
Family Portrait at Garden Thumbnail
Family Photography Garden
Family Photo at the Beach
Bump to Babe Prenancy Newborn Photo
Maternity Photo Palms
Newborn Photo On Location
Pre Wedding Portrait Photo
Fashion Portrait Photo

COVID19 Update

For precautionary measures, we will perform temperature checks before any session.
Our photographers will wear surgical mask during the whole shooting, thank you for your understanding.

Best Portrait Photographer in Hong Kong, specialising in Family, Newborn, and Pregnancy Photography!

I’m Daren, a family photographer in Hong Kong. I want to help you to create unique timeless photographs that you will treasure forever. I also want ‘you’ in them! I believe that your children will appreciate photos of you when they are older as much as you appreciate photos of them when they are younger. As your family portrait photographer, I want to give you a collection of images that are defined by their relaxed yet elegant style, and that is a true reflection of your family as it is now.

Human connection means everything to me. A look you thought no one saw, a gentle smile while your lover whispers something in your ear, your kids tackling you mid sentence, and even a brand new little life breathing softly while asleep. These beautiful moments of life, and more are what I aspire to freeze time for. I’m not your average photographer, so if you’re ready for fun and crazy, laughs and jokes… lets do this!


Family Photography

Family Photography

There is nothing more precious than having beautiful portraits of your family. To have professional portraits of your family is an important investment and one that will be always be treasured and shared.
Pregnancy Photography

Maternity Photography

You can choose to have your shoot at home, or at your favourite place  – whatever you feel is right for you and where you will feel relaxed. The most important thing is that you have fun and allow your personality to shine through!
Newborn Photography

Newborn Photography

These joyous, fleeting seasons of life are so tender — but they’re gone so soon. Turn these sweet moments into heirlooms the help you relive these days long after they have grown.
Event Photography

Party & Event Photography

How about hiring a party photographer to capture the moments of the day? This way you can relax and have time to interact with your child and other guests while your photographer takes care of the pictures, including candid shots, decoration and photos of your guests.
Wedding Photography

Wedding Photography

The Real and Raw moments - we create images that reflect not only what these moments looked like, but what they felt like.  The laughter. The goosebumps. The tears. The warmth of hugs. The emotion in a touch. The splitting of one’s pants after one too many beers, breaking out those killer dance floor moves...

Portrait Photographer

Portrait Photography

Portrait photography is simply about creating beautiful imagery for yourself, social platforms, dating sites or as a gift for a loved one. Being photographed professionally is very different to a modern day 'selfie' - years of training and experience will create imagery you are proud of for generations.


Birthday Party At The Peak
Party By The Pool!
Birthday Party Carnival
Children Portrait

Beautiful, light-filled, natural portraits of the most important people in your life.

Family portrait isn’t about capturing everyone in a stilted, stiff pose. It is about capturing photographs that capture the unique personality of each and every member of the family. Capturing the unique personalities of each member of the family may be difficult, but it is a challenge that our family photographers at gm photographics are ready to accept.

Family photography is our passion and we pride ourselves in creating authentic, natural images that will grace your home for generations to come.

Trusted Family Photographer in Hong Kong to Capture Life’s Precious Moments

For over 6 years, families all across Hong Kong have trusted us with capturing their life’s precious moments. Whether it is a wedding, engagement party, birthday, anniversary, or just a special family gathering, our family photographer will be able to capture the unique moment in a setting of your choice. Our creative family photographer can capture anything from multi-generational group shots, to toddlers, teens and couples, even the family pet!

In an effort to accurately capture your family’s milestone moments, we offer a number of ways you can choose to have your photos taken. Families who want an intimate, personal look into their family can choose to have the photographs taken in their home or at a favourite place, such as a park or beach.
Mermaid Portrait

I am a visual storyteller and I specialise in photographing the happiest moments of family’s everyday life and create images that will last a lifetime.

If you ask me what my business is all about I will tell you this: as a dad and a photographer I am devoted to capturing the essence of family life and love. For me, that is what portrait photography is all about. It is about creating beautiful images, but more so, it is about connections, love, togetherness and unbreakable bonds. I aim to put these elements into my images of families. I want to imprint that love into a piece of photographic artwork for you to hang on your wall or a gorgeous fine art photo album that takes pride of place on your coffee table. I want to create something special for you that will be passed down to your children, your grandchildren and eventually your great-grandchildren.

If you have little ones, you will know how quickly they grow and change. Your kids are only this age once and you will never get back the time when they willingly want to hang out with you, sit on your lap, kiss your cheek, let you tickle them and throw them in the air or snuggle into you with all of their might. Cherish this time. Enjoy every minute but whatever you do don’t forget to capture a little piece of it for your wall! Memories will fade but photos are always there to remind us of these times and they will bring all of those precious feelings flooding back to you again. I promise!
Bridal Photo


"Thank you, Dadi Precious for making my pregnancy so memorable!!! I just can’t explain the joy of watching my little daughter being born. You truly bring happiness to us." – Linda Gomes
“The capturing of my maternity embracing moment was done so exquisitely that I was left speechless! These pictures are the best ever captures of my life!” – Maria Jonson
“My little daughter looked so pristine in the photos that Dadi Precious provided us with. I am immensely thankful to the team for bringing out the best in these pictures! “– Savvio

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of a family session?

Although every client and order is different, clients typically spent between $3300-$5900 on their custom photography. Detailed pricing is available upon request.
You should know that choosing to invest in preserving these memories of your family is a priceless act - you will cherish these images forever.

When should I contact you or book my family session?

You should book your family session as early as you can. Some parts of the year get extremely busy, and preferred dates can sell out quickly. It's never too early! Every effort will be made to fit your session in, if you have a last minute booking request, so it never hurts to ask - but avoid that stress by getting your request and session fee in early.

What is the process to book a family session? What happens after I book, before my session?

Once you fill out the contact form to let us know you are interested, choose your date, and pay your session fee, your session is officially booked. We'll spend time before your session discussing your goals, the types of shots you are looking for, talk about how you want to use and display your photographs.

How long will my session take?

A typical family session lasts about one hour. We take breaks for laughing and goofing off, to make sure everyone is having a good time and is relaxed, and we always follow the kids' lead.

How do I prepare for a family session? What do I bring with me?

My favorite thing about being a photographer is capturing true emotion, and life as it is in the moment - and in that vein, I have no expectations of your children! I want to see who they are, and their full personalities. It's more than ok if they're loud, silly, adventurous, excited, etc - it's actually great! I want to see them be them. Please don't stress out about them "behaving" for me. I'm going to encourage them to be silly and have fun, and I hope you will do the same. If your kids are older, a little bribery has historically gone a long way, and for younger ones they can be comforted by things like loveys, pacifiers, favorite blankets and stuffed animals. These photographs are about capturing your family just as they are which is perfect all on their own. There is nothing you need to do to prepare, and nothing additional to worry about. All you have to do is come and relax. If you would like direction with or help planning outfits, I love discussing that! We can talk about what would look best at the specific time of year or or location of your shoot, or best colors on your family.

What is a session with you like? What can I expect?

A session with me is fun! My approach is very relaxed. I want our time together to be comfortable, easygoing, and a chance for you to make some memories of and with your family. My goal is to make you and your family feel like old friends. I am a big goofball, and will stop at nothing to make your children show me their true personalities, and authentic smiles.
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