As a client of Dadi Precious for a couple of years now, I am immensely grateful to them for capturing every special moment of my life in the most beautiful manner. My tryst with them started with my engagement, and the pictures were so beautiful that I was photographically engaged with Dadi Precious for the rest of my life.

The next step was marriage and hats off to Dadi Precious for ensuring that each of the pictures was as romantic as real. In fact, my friends stated that the picture story of my wedding was more beautiful than the real one.

Now as I enter into maternity, I trust none other than Dadi Precious to make these moments a memory. You must check out their expertise as well!

Kristine Joseph



“I am a client of Dadi Precious since my pre-wedding shoots with their event photographer Hong Kong team and that was a couple of years ago. I loved their approach; they seemed just as excited as I was nervous. I never thought my husband and I looked better together ever.

My marriage was even better with their team onboard. They captured the right moments beautifully, their pictures kind of sums up my wedding from all the galore of emotions a wedding can have.

I’m looking forward to their baby photography Hong Kong session with my 8-month old girl. Dadi Precious captured the most beloved moments in my life as charmingly as I would’ve imagined them. And I thank them from the bottom of my heart.” — Scarlet Wong


Baby Newborn and Family Photo

Family Portrait

I am immensely grateful to Dadi Precious for ensuring that my wedding photos were nothing less than a captured dream! The clarity and expertise of work is depicted in each frame”– Michelle Connors

“I’ve never seen more aesthetically perfect pictures from any Family Photography Hong Kong team than what Dadi Precious gave me. They captured the emotions behind the moment, and that’s what I loved.” – Kiera Stones.

Prenancy Portrait

“Dadi Precious surely brings the best out of my newborn. This is the second time that I had consulted them and the results have been amazing. Kudos to the team!“ – Christine Gomes

“I like working with the Dadi Precious team because every single one of them are candid fellows and they simply blends in while being professional. I met them at my wedding and have worked with them ever since.” – Tim Wiese.

Newborn Portrait

“I was looking forth to create memories for my child as it came to this world. Capturing every step of that journey Dadi Precious gifted me the most beautiful memories of my life! “ - Hilary Longfaith

“Dadi Precious are a truly niche team of photographers. I rate them quite highly both professionally and personally.” – Clive McMahon.
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