‘’A picture painted is a stepping stone to stories beneath!’’

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At Dadi Precious we believe in capturing every special moment for you to look back at. We have a team of trained photographers who specialize in capturing your special moments as your pre-wedding rituals, actual wedding, maternity period, baby photography Hong Kong service, newborn babies and children’s parties. With the plethora of offerings, we provide those moments with that special touch.

We start off with a consultation series of your demands and place our thematic description before you. At that perfect moment of our mental match, we provide you the description of the memory that is to be created.

With us, you will always wish to be photographed often!

“A Picture is a Picture.”

Dadi Precious – holding your most precious moments as preciously as possible. Our team of photographers believes that a photo can make sure you relive and re-cherish your prized memories. Our empathy for your beloved reminisces give that final touch of serenity to give your photos just the way you want them.

Our liaison with your most memorable occasions can include your Pre-Weddings and Wedding Ceremonies, Family Portrait, Children’s Parties, Newborn Photography Hong Kong, Anniversaries, Baby Pic Sessions and a lot more.

You are our priority. We will sit with you, understand what you want, your central theme, your wantons. And we will give you just the way you wanted your album to turn out along with our final touché of perfection.

With us, your memories are more beautiful than you ever thought they would be.

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Awesome work by Dadi Precious

“Dadi Precious has ensured that my family photo looks as close-knit as my family. I am glad and immensely thankful to them for this” – Sonia Jehan

Beautiful Child’s Birthday photography

“I am truly indebted to Dadi Precious for ensuring that all the candid moments from my child’s birthday party were captured in the best manner “– Ron James


“I didn’t know that a baby photo album can be this good. What I got in return is something worth more than money. A heartfelt thanks.” – Eta Meye


“There’s nothing better than a time well spent and the best moments pictured. The event photographer Hong Kong from Dadi Precious captured whatever I missed as a Bride including myself! Simply indebted.” – Francia Ching