Pregnancy Photography Hong Kong - Portfolio Gallery

With a baby, a woman finds a voice to her womanhood. Are you just a few months away from holding your little munchkin in your arms? Well, to ease that journey and transform those physically laborious months to an illustrious transition of a lifetime, Dadi Precious has the best experts of pregnancy photography Hong Kong for you!

Our specialized photographers will help you capture that enthralling physical transformation as you head for a fulfilling family portrait.

Maternity break is a fleeting experience of nine months, but the transformation remains for the rest of the life. To turn that glorious period into customized frames, you need classy camera angles, and Dadi Precious is just here for that!

It is just that development within you which knows how your heart beats. With us, your maternity story becomes an intimate moment with your other half experiencing those very vibrating beats. Our pregnancy photography in Hong Kong will create a photographic gallery for you to cherish that intimacy for a lifetime!

Best maternity photography services in Hong Kong


"Thank you, Dadi Precious for making my pregnancy so memorable!!! I just can’t explain the joy of watching my little daughter being born. You truly bring happiness to us." – Linda Gomes
“The capturing of my maternity embracing moment was done so exquisitely that I was left speechless! These pictures are the best ever captures of my life!” – Maria Jonson
“My little daughter looked so pristine in the photos that Dadi Precious provided us with. I am immensely thankful to the team for bringing out the best in these pictures! “– Savvio
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