Capture Heartfelt Moments: Outdoor Family Portrait Tips

The image of a family portrait is one that evokes an emotion like no other. It’s a reminder of the love and connection that binds us together, no matter how much time passes. Capturing those heartfelt moments in an outdoor family portrait is a unique experience that can be treasured for years to come.

With the right tips, you can preserve these memories so they last a lifetime. By learning how to make the best use of your surroundings to highlight the natural beauty of your family, you can create a stunning portrait that will forever be cherished.

Follow these tips to ensure your outdoor family photo session is as magical and memorable as possible.

What Is Outdoor Family Photography?

Creating lasting memories is a key part of outdoor family photography; it’s all about capturing moments that’ll live on in pictures. Quality natural light is also essential; it’s the best way to bring out the emotions of the family and make sure the photos look great.

Creating Lasting Memories

When considering a family photoshoot, the goal is always to create lasting memories. A great family photographer will be able to capture the best of your family’s natural interactions and expressions.

It doesn’t matter if you’re having a fun day at the beach or posing for a formal portrait, it’s important that each person in your family is comfortable and relaxed. There are many different techniques that your family photographer can use to ensure that everyone has fun during the photoshoot and that it results in beautiful photos that truly capture your family’s personalities.

With all these tips in mind, you’ll be sure to have an enjoyable, successful outdoor family photo session!

Quality Natural Light

Now that you know what to consider when planning an outdoor family photoshoot, let’s talk about the importance of natural light for family portrait photography.

Natural light is essential for creating stunning photos. Not only does it give your photos a more natural look and feel, but it also adds depth and dimension to the pictures.

Natural light can be used to capture a variety of moods and emotions, which will make your family portrait photography even more special. Plus, using natural light means that there are no extra costs or time-consuming setup involved with using artificial lighting equipment.

When done right, natural light can help you create beautiful family photos that will be treasured forever.

Finding The Best On Location Photographers For Your Family

When researching photographers, it’s important to look at reviews and portfolios to get an idea of their style. Interviewing photographers can help you narrow down your options and determine which one will best capture the moments you want to remember. Once you’ve done your research and interviews, you can make an informed decision and select the best photographer for your family.

Researching Photographers

If you’re looking for the perfect outdoor family portrait, it’s important to find a professional photographer who can capture your special moments.

Do your research and look at past photography sessions they’ve done before deciding on one. Make sure their style matches what you’re looking for and that they are willing to travel to the location of your choice.

Take into consideration feedback from past customers and read reviews online. Doing this will help you pick the right photographer for your family!

Interviewing Photographers

Now that you’ve done your research and chosen the right photographer for your family, it’s time to start interviewing them.

Ask questions about their experience and what kind of family photography sessions they offer.

Find out if they’re willing to travel to the location you have in mind and learn more about their shooting style.

Get a feel for how comfortable they make you feel, as well as any other details that might be important to you.

You want someone experienced who is passionate about creating quality images for you and your family, so don’t hesitate to ask questions until you’re confident that this is the best match for your needs!

Pre-Scouting Your Outdoor Locations

After finding the perfect photographer for your outdoor family portrait, it’s time to start pre-scouting your outdoor locations.

Outdoor family photo shoots can be a great way to capture heartfelt moments and memories, but the key is to find the right location. It’s important to consider how much space you’ll need in order to get all of your family members into the shot, as well as any other factors like lighting and background elements.

When searching for a great spot for your family photo session, look for an area with plenty of open space and natural light. Look for features that stand out such as trees, fields or even beaches if possible.

Be sure to also keep a weather eye out for any potential hazards that could interfere with your family photo shoot like road traffic or other people who may have the same idea as you. Finding the perfect location will ensure that you capture timeless pictures that you’ll treasure forever!

Outdoor Family Portrait Sessions That Create Connection

Planning the location is key to creating a successful family portrait session. Incorporating props can help bring out natural expressions from family members. Capturing those heartfelt moments is what makes outdoor family portrait sessions so special.

Planning The Location

When planning your outdoor family portrait session, it’s important to consider the location carefully. Nothing sets the tone for a heartfelt moment quite like a beautiful backdrop!

Think about the kind of pose you and your family want; would a beach provide the perfect soft sand for everyone to relax in? Or perhaps you’d rather capture a more urban setting with bustling city streets in the background?

Wherever you choose, make sure there’s plenty of natural light and that it fits with your desired aesthetic. With a little planning, you can create beautiful moments that will last forever!

Incorporating Props

Adding props to your outdoor family portrait session is a great way to create connection and bring out the playful side of everyone!

Whether it’s a beach ball, kites, or even bubbles, incorporating an element of fun can be just the thing to make everyone smile.

Don’t forget about tickles too – these are always sure to get some genuine laughs!

Keep in mind that props can add an extra layer of meaning to your photos, so think about items that might reflect your family’s story.

With the right props and a bit of creativity, you can create timeless memories that will be cherished for years to come.

Capturing Natural Expressions

Capturing natural expressions is key to creating memorable family pictures.

While it’s still important to get some posed shots, don’t forget to take your time and capture those candid moments as well.

Taking a few extra minutes to let everyone just be themselves can make all the difference.

Let them interact with each other, and don’t worry too much about perfection – these are often the most magical moments that you’ll want to remember for years to come!

Outdoor Posing Tips For Photographers

The thought of an outdoor family photoshoot conjures up memories of a time gone by, when families were tight-knit and the air was filled with laughter. The truth is, capturing heartfelt moments in an outdoor environment can be challenging for photographers.

Finding the right position for your family photo session, while making sure you find some shade to avoid harsh lighting, is key. Additionally, having props on hand and coordinating outfits can help create a beautiful backdrop that captures that special moment forever.

With a little extra effort, you’ll be able to bring out those cherished memories in each and every picture! To wrap it up, all it takes is practice and patience to capture truly stunning outdoor family photoshoots.

Family Poses For Different Family Roles

When arranging family poses for an outdoor family photoshoot, it’s important to consider the different roles and relationships within the family.

For example, a pose of a mother and daughter could include the daughter leaning against her mother’s shoulder, while a father and son could be pictured with their arms around each other. This helps the photographer capture the unique dynamics between siblings and parents in the family portrait.

In addition to posing together, you can also ask each individual family member to have a separate portrait taken. This allows you to capture more intimate moments between each person that will make your family photo session special and memorable.

By considering all these elements when planning an outdoor family photoshoot, you’ll be sure to get beautiful photos that reflect your family’s unique bond!

What To Wear For Your Outdoor Photo Session

When it comes to outdoor family portraits, what you wear can be just as important as the poses you strike. After all, you want your photos to capture the perfect moment for years to come!

But with so many different family roles, finding outfits that fit each person’s role and style might seem like a daunting task.

Take my own family for example. I have two teenage sons and a toddler daughter who loves bright colors and sparkly accessories. My husband is more of a classic dresser and prefers muted tones.

When we had our outdoor family photo shoot, we sought out an experienced photographer who could help us figure out how to coordinate everyone’s looks while still showcasing each person’s unique personality. We found that looking at online galleries of past shoots was incredibly helpful in guiding our wardrobe decisions.

It also gave us ideas on how to incorporate fun props like sunglasses and hats into our photos for added flair – something my toddler especially loved!

We ended up with an eclectic yet cohesive look that felt true to each of us – from my husband’s dark blue blazer to my daughter’s pink tutu skirt. With the help of our photographer, we created some amazing memories through our outdoor family portrait session that will last us a lifetime!

Featured Outdoor Family Photoshoots

Photoshoots are a great way to capture heartfelt moments and create memories that will last a lifetime. Outdoor family portraiture takes advantage of natural light and scenery, creating beautiful, unposed pictures that reflect the true emotions of your family.

With careful planning and preparation, you can make sure your photoshoot will be something special. From finding the perfect spot to choosing clothing and props, there are many family picture ideas to consider when planning an outdoor family portrait session.

When selecting a location, look for places with plenty of natural light and interesting backdrops or scenery to provide depth and texture in your photos. Additionally, you may want to keep in mind the type of portrait photography you are going for – posed or candid shots – to ensure that the environment is suitable for your needs.

At the end of the day, it’s all about capturing genuine moments between loved ones. With some thoughtful planning ahead of time, you can create a timeless photoshoot that will bring out the best in each member of your family!

family photos by dadi precious photography
Family Photos by Dadi Precious Photography

Frequently Asked Questions

What Types Of Outdoor Photography Equipment Should I Use?

When it comes to outdoor family portrait photography, it’s important to have the right equipment.

According to a recent survey, nearly 80% of professional photographers prefer using mirrorless cameras when shooting outdoors.

To capture those special moments with your family, you’ll want to invest in a quality camera and lens set-up that can handle various lighting conditions.

Look for one with a wide angle and telephoto lenses, as well as adjustable settings that allow you to capture stunning landscapes or intimate portraits.

Additionally, consider investing in an on-camera flash for those times when natural light is too harsh or scarce.

With the right gear and some practice, you’ll be able to capture beautiful memories with your family outdoors!

What Are The Best Times Of Day To Take Outdoor Family Portraits?

Taking outdoor family portraits can be a challenge, but the right timing can make all the difference. Generally speaking, the best times of day to take outdoor family portraits are early in the morning or late in the afternoon.

This is because the sun sits lower in the sky during these hours, creating beautiful soft light and avoiding harsh shadows and bright highlights that can ruin photos.

To get colorful sunsets and sunrises, shoot during golden hour which happens just before sunrise and after sunset.

No matter what time of day you photograph, make sure everyone is comfortable and having fun!

How Can I Ensure That My Children Remain Cooperative During An Outdoor Photo Session?

Coincidentally, it’s not just the time of day that matters when you’re taking an outdoor family portrait – it’s also ensuring your children remain cooperative throughout the session.

This can be challenging if they’re young or easily distracted. To ensure a successful photo session, plan ahead and take some fun breaks in between shots to keep everyone energized and engaged.

Break out some favorite snacks or a small surprise toy during the session and make sure to take plenty of silly pictures to create a relaxed atmosphere.

How Much Should I Expect To Pay For An Outdoor Family Portrait Session?

When considering the cost of an outdoor family portrait session, there are several factors to consider.

The photographer’s experience and quality of work will play a role in the price, as well as any additional services they provide.

In general, you can expect to pay anywhere from $100 to $1,000 or more for a professional outdoor family portrait session.

Be sure to review potential photographers’ portfolios and prices before making your decision so you can find the best fit for your needs.

How Can I Make Sure That My Outdoor Photos Look Natural And Not Posed?

Capturing natural and unposed outdoor family portraits can be tricky, but it doesn’t have to be!

To make sure that your photos look natural, start by finding a location that everyone in the family is comfortable in. If you can find a spot with lots of open space and natural lighting, you’ll be well on your way.

When taking the photos, give your family members some space so they don’t feel cramped or forced into looking at the camera. You may even want to take pictures while everyone is interacting naturally — this will make for much more authentic memories!


It’s important to make sure that you have the right equipment when you are planning an outdoor family portrait session.

Make sure you look into the best times of day for capturing natural light, and plan accordingly.

It’s also important to make sure that your children remain cooperative during the shoot, as well as making sure that your photos are natural rather than posed.

When it comes to cost, outdoor family portrait sessions can range in price depending on the photographer and the number of prints you require.

However, it is worth investing in a professional photographer so that you can capture those heartfelt moments with your family that will last a lifetime.

Overall, taking outdoor family portraits is a great way to capture precious memories of your loved ones.

With careful planning and preparation, you can ensure that these moments stay with you forever.

10 Creative Ideas For Fall Family Photos That Aren’t Basic

The leaves are changing colours atop the trees. The smell of pumpkin spice is in the air. Fall is here, and it’s the perfect opportunity to wrangle the crew and get outside for beautiful fall family photos

If there are young children in the family, getting everyone organized and on the same page at the same time is your first obstacle. Your next obstacle is making sure your fall family photos are original, representative of your family, and worthy of hanging on the wall year-round. Make your family photo shoot about your family and your family’s interests, not the colours of the season. Fall comes every year, but if you have children, it’s their ever-changing looks you’ll want to capture, not just the change of season.

Done right, seasonal photos can become timeless treasures to share for years to come. LittleThings has put together 10 creative ideas for your family’s fall photos that will help your photos stand out from the rest.

fall portrait idea 1

1. Bring in the Props

Props add a special something to a photo. Pumpkins and haystacks are the obvious fall choice for props, but think outside of the box. Do your kids play a certain sport? Break out the sports gear for the photo shoot. Does your family love to watch movies together? Think of a film theme. 

Two props that are universal to memorable photos are signs and balloons. Write your family’s name or a cute and funny quote on a decorative chalkboard sign and hold it up as a family in your photo. Balloons are also a fun, colourful, and simple addition to help liven up family photos. You don’t need to overdo the props, and you don’t need to stick to a fall colour scheme. Have fun with it!

fall portrait idea 2

2. Be Natural and Have Fun

I don’t know about you, but my kids don’t exactly sit still on a neatly laid blanket in an open field, all while smiling and directly facing forward. Sure, it all makes for a perfect photo, but families aren’t perfect. No two families are alike, and their pictures shouldn’t be either.

Walk, dance, play, interact, and have fun with each other. You want the photos to be representative of your family and all of the personalities in it. Stiff, traditional poses are common for a reason, but natural scenarios end up being the best shots deserving of a spot on the living room wall.

3. Switch Up the Angle

Your professional photographer is more open to your direction than you might think. When you talk to your photographer about your photo shoot, mention that you want to buck the tradition of straight-on photos. Get creative with it. 

Eye-level angles make for a more intimate point of view. High-angle shots can include more of the beautiful outdoor fall scenery in your shot. There’s also titled angles and long shots for an edgier perspective. It’s all about what’s fitting for your family.

fall portrait idea 3

4. Add an Action Shot

Action shots aren’t just reserved for sports photography. If your kids are hardly sitting still, take advantage of that and get a cool shot in motion. Make sure your photographer has plenty of advanced notice that you want action shots. They require lots of camera memory and a photographer willing to capture them — and possibly with some experience in doing so.

Family photo shoots are tiring enough as it is, so don’t feel the need to spend the whole session in motion. Just welcome the opportunity to get in a few good ones.

fall portrait idea 4

5. Match Outfits, If You Must, but Be Unique

Matching outfits are the epitome of the fall family photo shoot and family photo shoots in general. The white shirt and khakis are starting to become more like a family uniform, unfortunately. Sure, coordinating colours and matching outfits help ensure the photo looks put together, but it’s time to rethink this tradition.

Instead of the uniform white shirt and matching khakis or jeans, get colourful. Wear floral headwear, matching patterns, or even graphic shirts.

fall portrait idea 5

6. Don’t Match At All

Skip matching altogether and simply wear what looks good. Instead of matching outfits, you might focus on things like your home decor. Where’s the best place for this photo to live on the wall? Now coordinate the decor and colour scheme to fit, not match, the outfits you wear.

7. Head Into the City

It’s fall, and the trees are beautiful, and the weather is crisp. The natural lighting in the fall is also usually pretty amazing. Why not be outdoors? That doesn’t mean that you have to be in the grass and in the leaves. For a totally different type of fall photo, head into the city. The concrete, the buildings, and the people make underrated backdrops where the focus is still on your family.

8. Don’t Forget the Family Pet

Our pets are a part of the family. They love the outdoors. Bring them along, and let their playful nature lighten the mood of the family photo shoot. If they’ll agree to wear a bow or a bow tie, bonus!

9. Embrace Fall at a Rustic Location

When you think fallen leaves, haystacks, and pumpkins, you think fall. They’re seasonal. Your family photos are meant to be timeless. The rustic theme, however, looks good year-round. Cabins and barns make great rustic locations for photos. Rugged benches, such as the ones often found in forest preserves, will work too.

fall portrait idea 6

10. Vary the Background

Play with shapes and lines by moving some family members to the background and some to the front. Shortest to tallest is an easy way to decide, but arrange a few shots where the parents get to shine in the front, too.

fall portrait idea 7

Moving the setting to a beautiful wide-open space is another way to vary the background — if you’re lucky enough to live close to one. Don’t worry that it will take the focus off your beautiful family. A good photographer knows just how to capture the beauty of the landscape while emphasizing the love between the subjects at the focal point.

How To Choose Props For Your Photo Session

Have you ever thought about adding props to your photo sessions? Props can add interest, depth and an extra flair to your pictures, and if used correctly, can be a timeless addition to your session.

However, it is important to be careful when choosing props for your session, especially for sessions that are not done in your own home. Here are a few tips for ways to incorporate props in your next session.

While you might have recently seen a few photos that incorporate a specific prop, try not to use something that will not look really dated in 20 years’ time. Classic is definitely better and there are many fun options to choose from. When you look back on your photo session, will you really want to see that trendy hipster accessory? Our couple below brought along love letters that they wrote to each other and had calligraphed by an artist. We love this romantic touch to their session, and we know that they will treasure those letters years from now as well!

choose props 1

Be realistic

It’s easy to go wild when thinking of a theme or props that will go with it for your photo session. One tip that can help you avoid this is to actually incorporate every day items that you use or that inspire you. For example, if your child has a signature baby blanket or something their grandparents handed down to them, bring that along. Do you and your fiancé or spouse love going to the farmer’s market to pick out fresh vegetables and flowers? Then incorporate a florist-arranged bouquet or pack a picnic for your session. Before you decide to remake your favorite movie scene, think twice about how realistic it is for you to be in those outfits and acting something out. Remember, we’re not here to create a dream life for you — we’re here to document your real one! 

choose props 2

Size matters

There are some larger props that work really well in photo sessions. For example, if you love going on road trips and want to incorporate a vintage car or you absolutely love horses and want those in your session, that makes sense because as we stated above, that’s realistic. It’s a part of your real life. However, there are some larger props that can take away from the beauty of the photograph altogether. Make sure that your prop enhances the photo and doesn’t detract from it. One of our sweet families brought along the stuffed fox above that ended up being their son’s favorite: it made an appearance at their maternity and newborn sessions as well! It was easy to pack and a family favorite! On the other hand, this vintage car below became our couple’s getaway car — it belongs to the bride’s grandfather!

choose props 3

Make it meaningful

If your child has a favorite stuffed animal or if you have a musical instrument that you treasure, try and incorporate it into your photos. This way your pictures will have more meaning to you and your family. On the other hand, do not overload your photos with “cute objects” that you saw on Pinterest. You absolutely do not have to go out and buy all of those props that you saw in that one photo while you were scrolling at midnight (and we recommend that you don’t!). In the photo below, one of our couples incorporated blocks that their baby shower guests wrote on for their daughter. This is a wonderful example of a meaningful prop that made the perfect addition to their newborn session!

Use what you have

Make the current season work to your advantage by using what’s available. Leaves in the fall make for amazing props in photos and don’t cost a thing. In the photo below, our bride-to-be used a jar of matchbooks that her grandparents collected on travels to style their bar cart. Adding this brought a feeling of legacy in a simple object, one that is true to them (and one that probably won’t ever be replicated — not even on Pinterest)! 

choose props 4

Remember, using props can be the perfect addition to your photos but make sure that they don’t become the main focus! These photos are about you, not your props! 

How to prepare for Corporate Headshots? The ultimate guide

Corporate portraits are essential in portraying a good image of your company. It’s important to think about the message you are trying to convey and dress to match. For example, a law firm might opt for wearing a suit and looking more serious, whereas a creative business owner might prefer something more casual and fun with their headshot. Portraits help to humanize your business, whether it’s editorial or professional. Here’s a guide for how to prepare for corporate photoshoots; what to wear, your posture and other elements that will help give the best impression possible.

Two types of portraits

There are two different types of corporate headshots that are distinctly different from each other; editorial portraits and professional portraits.

1. Editorial Portrait

Chef Headshot

Editorial headshots are usually taken within the place of work. This is an original and creative approach, more interesting than a plain background, but is still considered professional. For example, a chef might have their editorial portrait taken in the kitchen, wearing a chef’s hat. This type of headshot is often found in magazines and online.

2. Professional Portrait

Professional Corporate Headshot

Professional headshots are usually done in the photography studio with a neutral background and special lighting so that the pure focus is on the subject. In terms of framing, the subject’s shoulders and top of the bust are usually visible. Office-wear can be smart or casual depending on the company and the image it wants to portray.

Professional portraits are often used by large companies to present their employees, but it is also used on social media sites, such as Linkedin and Twitter, and on CVs as a profile picture. Getting the right balance in a headshot is difficult, below are the main points to master in order to take a successful headshot that gets a positive response!

Important things to consider when having Corporate Headshots taken:

1. Your look

It’s important to think about what your best side is. Some people are self-conscious of certain facial features. Portrait photographers are used to hearing this, so don’t feel embarrassed to tell them that, for example, one of your eyes is bigger than the other. In this case, the photographer could angle you to one side so that the perspective makes both eyes look the same size.

2. Your smile

Most people know whether they smile with their teeth or not. Even for professional headshots, smiling both with and without your teeth work, so smile whichever way you feel most comfortable. A forced smile isn’t good and might even make you seem disingenuous. You should be able to recognize a ‘real’ smile through a person’s eyes. Top tip: think of someone or something that makes you laugh, this will both relax you and give you a great, genuine smile!

Great smile headshot

3. What to wear

Think classic.

For the men… Pick your favourite suit in a preferably dark colour, such as grey or navy blue. Bold patterns and colours, as well as shiny ties, detract from the face and can look unprofessional. If you don’t wear a tie, it’s best to wear a sweatshirt or jacket or some other kind of layer to break it up and stop it looking like a floating head!

And for the women… Choose a professional suit or a classic office-wear outfit. Don’t pick any bold or distracting patterns, however little pops of colour here and there can be alright. Avoid short sleeves if possible; this can look unprofessional and also detracts from the face. For jewelry, anything subtle and classic is a yes, but anything blingy or flashy is a no. We don’t want to notice your jewelry before your face!

There isn’t a strict rule for ‘what to wear’, so long as your outfit reflects your company. In startups, for example, a much more “relaxed” style has been adapted. Jeans, t-shirts, and trainers are allowed, the idea behind it is that you come to work dressed how you would in everyday life.

Half Body Headshot

4. Your posture

Body language is the key to looking confident. Keep your back straight and don’t hunch your shoulders, think about the posture a ballet dancer has but don’t overdo it or you’ll look too rigid. Don’t put your hands in your pockets or cross your arms, this is closed body language and will immediately make you seem unapproachable. Think about your company’s main values or morals and tell the photographer so they can try to help you portray them through your body language.

Good Posture Portrait

5. Hair

Don’t dye or cut your hair right before the shoot, this rule is especially imperative for men. Some shades of freshly dyed hair can look too vibrant and usually dull down about 1-2 weeks later.

6. Make-up

Lots of people ask whether hiring a make-up artist is a good idea. It is, of course, completely up to you. You want your portrait to be easily recognizable and you don’t want the make-up to overpower the portrait. A good rule of thumb is to think about what sort of make-up you would wear to a nice dinner out, where the steak costs $200 but not $600.

Corporate Headshots give potential customers confidence when seeking information about your business. It reassures clients that there is a real person behind the services you provide. To give the right, and a positive, impression, choose an outfit and posture that reflects your company’s values. Other than that, all you need is a happy and relaxed attitude to the photoshoot!

5 Important Tips For Headshots in Hong Kong

headshot Image

This post applies to both my portrait headshots and corporate headshot clients alike. There are countless photographers and options for headshots. Hong Kong is a super competitive market and having the right headshot can make or break your chances of success. Here are my top 5 tips for getting your headshot in Hong Kong.

1. Select the right headshot photographer.

HK is home to countless photographers, especially those specialising in headshots. Ah, the smell of capitalism! The sheer amount of options out there are daunting and at times overwhelming. Each offers a variety of packages, price points, style, and each has their own unique personality. Start by narrowing down your top 3-5 choices. Don’t call them first. Before calling, take a look at their online portfolio to get a sense for their style and who they are. Also look to see if they can photograph both sexes well and/or can do photograph casual portrait as well as they photograph business professionals or vice versa. Additionally, look for testimonials, not only on their website, but also on social sites such as Facebook and Google. And lastly, does their personality seem to mesh well with your own? Do they seem fun or cold? If everything looks great, give them a call. If they’re available and willing to take a few minutes to discuss your needs, you’re likely making the right decision! If not, go to the next person on your list.

2. Budget is important, but don’t skimp.

As my Dad loves to say, “Son, good ain’t gonna be cheap and cheap ain’t gonna be good.” These wise words have stuck with me through my adult life and should be in the back of your mind when selecting a headshot photographer. Hong Kong is a really expensive place to live in. And if you’re an actor, you may not be raking in the dought quite yet so you think to yourself, “Hey, I really should save some money on headshots.” In my experience, that usually ends up with you getting headshots that not only you loathe, but headshots that don’t capture the real you. Crappy lighting, bad retouching, and a half-hearted experience from a photographer who probably doesn’t care if you succeed or not. Being cheap often ends horribly when it comes to headshots. Now that doesn’t mean you should break the bank and spend $10000 on headshots, but it’s generally best to avoid the $500-$1000 headshot guys. They’re usually focused more on money instead of meeting the specific and often unique needs of their clients. Ultimately, it’s your money, but don’t end up buying twice because you want to save a few bucks. Make an informed decision; buy right and buy once.

3. Know what you need to convey in your headshot.

Preparation is key for a successful headshot session, but perhaps one of the things you must prepare for is actually knowing what you need to convey in your headshot. If you’re getting corporate headshots, does your company have a friendly, approachable image(pediatrician, real estate agent, personal trainer) or do they have a more serious image (criminal lawyer, journalist, wealth management firm)? And if you’re an actor, do your or your agent see you as the girl/guy next door, victim, witty best friend, criminal, strong hero, or young Mom/Dad? Knowing the marketing specific to your needs will allow us to focus solely on that during your session, ensuring we’re moving in the right direction. Save yourself a lot of headache and time by knowing what you need to convey even before your headshot session.

4. Select the proper wardrobe.

I’ve talked extensively about wardrobe on a couple of occassions here, but it needs to be said again. Bring the right wardrobe to your session will make or break your experience. Don’t bring your absolute worst clothes that you haven’t pulled out in ages. If you’re an actor, select wardrobe that matches your character type as well as is the most flattering for you. Avoid those frilly dresses, graphic tees, and generally frumpy looking attire. This is HK, so a bit of style is often expected and bad styling can make you look green in your headshots. Corporate headshots in HK are no different. Avoid those pinstripe suits, keep your jewelry small and simple, and make sure your attire is pressed before your arrival. If your wardrobe is properly selected, that’ll be one less thing you’ll have to think about. The only thing we want you to worry about during your session is getting the right expressions.

5. Go into your session with the right attitude. 

This tip probably should have been number 1, but I guess we’re saving the best for last. So you’ve followed all the tips above and you’re preparing for your headshot session. I know having your picture taken can be a nerve-racking, anxiety inducing ordeal, but it doesn’t have to be. First, woosah and relax. Now, remember we’re just taking pictures. I know they’re super important to you, but we’re just taking pictures. You won’t be rushed during your session, I’ll work with you every step of the way and we’ll be previewing your work as we go along. Come to have a good time, be talkative, play the type of music you like on your phone, and yourself relax and trust your headshot photographer. A headshot session is a give and take between the photographer and the sitter. Trust them, their expertise, and their process. It takes two to tango as they say and if you give a lot in your session it will definitely show in your photos. Having your trust will give the photographer the freedom to play and create great spontaneous moments that capture you at your absolute best. I love to have fun during my sessions and I encourage you to do the same! Coming in with a great attitude and a cooperative spirit will ensure your session runs smoothly and is fun to boot!