Best Tips For Parents To Take Family Photos

Working as a pro photographer has taught me many things in my career and one thing that I get asked the most from my clients, especially parents, is what tips I have for parents to help them take family photos themselves that turn out ok. Because of this, I’ve decided to create this ultimate family portrait guide on how parents, like yourself, can take stunning family photos that you can be proud to hang on the wall. Let’s get started.

Family Photo 101: Best Advice For Taking Family Photos

      1. Understanding Your Camera Features Better

Almost everyone has a camera, but I believe not everyone knows the features their camera holds and how these functions can help improve your photos when used correctly.  So, take the time to learn about your camera and its features. Take practice shots to get a feel of it and to figure out what each setting can do.

You’ll be thankful you did. Remember, the last thing you want is to miss out on the perfect shot because you were too busy learning about your camera right there and then. You should know the difference between the shutter speed and aperture.

      2. It’s Alright to Use Your Camera Settings

I’ll admit not everyone will be able to memorise what each setting does. It’s why cameras also come with the P mode with automatic settings. P stands for Programmed Automatic. You don’t have to feel bad about it. In fact, using it can help you learn more about your camera especially if you’re a newbie to a DLSR. However, you’re not completely on autopilot as you still have control over the following features.

      3. The Light is Your Best Friend

Light is what will make or break your shot. Moreover, don’t depend on the flash to give you the light you need. My advice to you is to use natural sunlight unless you can afford to purchase a pro lighting equipment.

      4. Keep the Atmosphere Light

In my experience, children aren’t happy when they’re forced to do something. Moreover, it shows on their faces. Regardless of how big their smiles might be. So, in as much as you want to take a great family photo, my advice is to keep the shoot casual and stress-free.

      5. Have Fun and Be Creative

In my opinion, the best family photos happen when you’re having fun. As a result, the images are natural and happy. No one has that pained look on their faces. In fact, I’ve done a lot of shoots wherein families break tradition and get creative.


Photos are a great way to record your family’s life. In my experience, the fun is what makes them extra special when you recall the exact moment you captured each one. So, I’m certain you’ll be prouder to show them off to everyone. Are you ready to take great family photos?

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